Leasing 101 – Maserati Lease Near Chicago, Il

Opting for a new car lease is becoming more popular with luxury brand drivers because it offers more flexibility to drive the latest available models. In case you are new to the leasing game, here are a few points that will help you get a better understanding of how it works:

  • Getting a lease comes with a lower overall cost of ownership compared to buying through traditional financing methods.
  • You can trade in any type of vehicle at Maserati of Downers Grove before getting a new lease. We will work with you regardless of the brand you currently drive and use it as capital towards a Maserati.
  • Access to drive the latest Maserati models while upgrading more often (typically every 2-3 years).
  • You will receive a guaranteed future value of what the car will be worth at the end of the lease so you have plenty of time to plan your next step – buying the car or getting a new lease are typically the two most popular choices.

Leasing is changing the automotive industry and for good reason. As technology keeps improving at an exponential rate, cars and SUVs are coming out every single year with fun new features to shake up the car-buying market. By choosing to lease your next Maserati, you keep your options open.


1. Set a Budget

It’s a great idea to have a range in mind before you start looking for a new Maserati lease. The more information you can provide, the better chance you have of getting into the car you want for the right price that fits into your budget.

2. Find a Vehicle You Like

Now that you’ve determined what you are willing to spend on a monthly basis, take a look at our current lease offers to find the right model & trim that coincides with your lifestyle. Maserati is a quality brand with high-performing vehicles.

3. Sign Paperwork

Once we’ve found the Maserati you want at a price that you are comfortable with, we will review the paperwork together to make sure you have everything you need to know. Once you drive off the lot, feel free to contact us with any additional questions that come to mind.


Most of us are familiar with the concept of how buying a car works. Typically, a customer will either use cash or take out an auto loan to pay the entire price of the vehicle, which is a depreciating asset and can negatively impact your financial portfolio.

Instead of paying to own your Maserati, leasing is a lower-cost option. Since you are only choosing to use the vehicle for a certain amount of time (typically 2-3 years), you are only responsible for paying a fraction of the car’s total price.

To put it simply, think of a car lease as spending your money in real-time. You drive it for a predetermined number of months for a fixed rate. Ultimately, if you decide that you like your Maserati and wish to own it, you always have the option to purchase it at any point of the lease.

Lastly, if you find that you want to upgrade at the end of your lease, you can return the vehicle to us at the dealership and we will find a new ride for you. Many of our customers select this option because leasing a Maserati becomes a lifestyle choice, and we want you to be able to get into new models as often as possible.


If you didn’t even know this was an option, you aren’t the only one.

A lot of dealerships are reluctant to inform customers that you can lease a previously owned model because these offers can often provide even more savings. In addition to having a lower monthly bill as it compares to financing the same vehicle, you can end up saving even more by getting into a pre-owned lease on a model that is one or two years older than the newest model releases.

While the financial benefits are nice, the most important factor to consider before agreeing to a pre-owned Maserati lease is depreciation. Cars that have been previously driven lose value quicker than new cars so it is best to only lease for up to three years.

Like every other part of the auto industry, there are benefits and drawbacks to leasing a pre-owned Maserati. Therefore, we are going to examine the pros and cons and leave it to you to decide if this is the right choice for you.


  • Access to the latest Pre-Owned and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles that include many of the modern features available on newer models.
  • Lower monthly payments in comparison to buying or financing a pre-owned Maserati.
  • Routine maintenance is included as part of your monthly payments. This means expensive trips to an automotive repair shop aren’t even a concern.
  • Higher chance of getting approved for customers who are looking to improve their credit scores.
  • Option to purchase your Maserati at any point during the lease.
  • Insurance premiums on used car leases are almost always lower than that of new car leases so your savings extend to your insurance plan as well.


Now that you have a few quick points of reference on how leasing a Maserati works, all you have to do now is decide which model you want between the GhibliLevante, and Quattroporte. Our lease offers change on a regular basis but you are welcome to get started right now by shopping our list of current offers right here on the website. If you see anything you like, come in for a test drive or call us at 630-599-8698 to connect with a Maserati of Downers Grove lease expert.

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